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Membership Information

Welcome to the D.A.H.C.C.A.

(Denton Area Home Child Care Association)


We are a group of home child care providers that serve the greater Denton area.  We meet the second Tuesday of every month in order to continue our state required education on providing quality care for children.  We meet for 2 hours and have a variety of professionals speak to us and afterward receive our state certificate for our time.  It is our hope that through meeting together we can set a standard of quality home childcare for the Denton area.  We also hope to provide an environment where providers can develop relationships with each other to create a network of giving help, referrals, and general support for all the trials that come from doing what we do.

We are currently seeking a new location for our meetings. To get further information on the location of this months meeting please email the webmaster or call Kathy Shilling at          940-367-6805.

Another major purpose is to provide a means of advertising for all our members.  Through our website, city and state links, and other advertisement our goal is to give parents the knowledge that home child care is an option other than large non-personal center care.  We want to achieve this by first letting parents know that the DAHCCA exists and then by directing them to our website where they can become better informed in their childcare decision as well as find our list of members with their contact info.  In the end your phone should ring and your personal web site will be visited.


Finally, we hope everyone simply feels welcomed and comfortable here.  Anyone who is licensed, registered, or listed with the state may become a member with a small yearly fee. We ask that everyone become involved in some small way and that together we can become a quality and professional group of providers who can serve area parents with greater achievement and appreciation.





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