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Quality Checklist

Quality Care Checklist

            When interviewing a prospective provider for your child, and visiting the home, these are some things to look for and questions to ask.

The Home Environment

  • First impression, do you feel comfortable and welcome?
  • Is the area clean and free from choking and tripping hazards?
  • Is the outdoor play area clean, safe and fenced in?
  • How many children are there; do they seem happy?
  • Are there any off limits areas?
  • Is there an emergency plan in place?
  • Do you see current certificates posted indicating regulated care, training, etc?

The Caregiver

  • Does the caregiver seem pleasant and likes the children?
  • Does the caregiver greet the children and comfort them when needed?
  • What type of education and experience does she have?
  • How long has she been doing this type of work?
  • Who else will care for your child, (spouse, substitute, etc)?
  • Do you agree with her discipline and guidance philosophy?
  • Does she welcome parents’ visits?


  • Are there a variety of age appropriate activities available?
  • Can the children access them easily on their own?
  • Is there a daily balance of activities ranging from quiet to creative to active?
  • Is there a set schedule in place that is predictable?

Other things to consider

  • What about naptime?  When, where, and how long?
  • What meals are provided?  Does the caregiver participate in a food program?
  • Do the hours of operation meet your needs?  Is the caregiver flexible?
  • Ask to see the most recent licensing report. Any complaints or citations will be listed.  Caregivers are required to have them available.
  • Will your child be happy here?
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